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  • World’s oldest water found, may hold clues to alien life

    | 12/20/2016

    Scientists have discovered the oldest water samples on Earth that date back to about two billion years and may hold clues to life forms living far beneath the surface of Mars or other alien planets. Researchers have known that water exists far below the groundwater that has been isolated from the w...More

  • Scientists pair up two stars from the world of chemistry

    | 10/04/2016

    Hardly any material is currently receiving as much attention in research as graphene. It is flexible, extremely thin and transparent, while at the same time it has very high tensile strength and conducts electricity, ideal prerequisites for a wide variety of application areas. However, using graphen...More

  • Could metal particles be the clean fuel of the fut

    Nitesh | 2015/02/02

    Technologies to generate clean electricity – primarily solar and wind power – are being developed rapidly; but we can’t use that electricity for many of the things that oil and gas are used for today, such as transportation and global energy trade,” notes McGill University pr...More

  • Zika’s long, strange trip into the limelight next emerging threat?

    Vivek | 02/10/2015

    Come January of the following year, the same researchers trapped mosquitoes from these canopy platforms and took their bounty back to the lab, hoping to isolate yellow fever virus. Others had shown that one of these species they caught, Aedes africanus, shuttled the yellow fever virus, so the i...More



Facebook Reveals Its First Full-Size Internet Drone. Facebook Reveals Its First Full-Size Internet Drone