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  • IISc researchers produce a better water purification membrane

    | 08/30/2016

    Going a step further, a team of researchers from IISc Bangalore has improved upon the water purification membrane they developed in 2014. The membrane allows higher flow rate across it and kills nearly 99 per cent of E. Coli present in water. The results of the study were published recently in the journal&nbs...More

  • Earth’s temperature dropped during solar eclipse

    | 08/23/2016

    A study revealed that the temperature of the Earth dropped during last year’s eclipse of the sun, Britain’s Met office has said.The Met Office on Monday said it was the first time that satellites had been used to monitor surface “skin” temperatures during a total solar eclipse, Xinhua ...More

  • DNA dominoes on a chip

    | 08/16/2016

    Recreating important biological processes in cells to better understand them currently is a major topic of research. Now, physicists at TU Munich and the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot have for the first time managed to carry out controlled, so-called DNA condensation on a biochip. This process comes into play...More


  • New quantum approach to big data

    Geeta | 29/01/2015

    Machine learning systems can help researchers deal with this ever-growing flood of information. Some of the most powerful of these analytical tools are based on a strange branch of geometry called topology, which deals with properties that stay the same even when something is bent and stretched every which wa...More

  • Technology produces clean-burning hydrogen fuel ch

    Nitesh | 29/01/2015

    A new technology based on carbon nanotubes promises commercially viable hydrogen production from water. The new technology is a novel catalyst that performs almost as well as cost-prohibitive platinum for so-called electrolysis reactions, which use electric currents to split water molecules into hydrogen and ...More

  • Could metal particles be the clean fuel of the fut

    Nitesh | 2015/02/02

    Technologies to generate clean electricity – primarily solar and wind power – are being developed rapidly; but we can’t use that electricity for many of the things that oil and gas are used for today, such as transportation and global energy trade,” notes McGill University professor Je...More



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