Internship programmes at CSIR-CSMCRI, Bhavnagar

CSIR-CSMCRI, Bhavnagar offers Summer Training / Dissertation / Internship programmes to graduate/postgraduate students who would like to pursue their academic projects under the above said titles ranging from 02 – 12 months as part of their academic curriculum.Students are advised to visit CSIR-CSMCRI’s website to get prior information on various R&D aspects of institute.

Interested students may download the prescribed application format from CSIR CSMCRI’s website:

There is no dead line for receiving the applications for this purpose. But students, as per their academic requirements, can apply for the same during any time in a calendar year.

Terms and Conditions for Training

  1. Maximum of 10 Students (in all subjects) from individual University / institution / college are permitted for Summer Training at CSIR-CSMCRI.
  2. Students have to provide complete contact details of their sponsoring authority, telephone numbers including mobile, e-mail etc
  3. Students have to manage their boarding, lodging and transportation .
  4. Students may please note that the minimum period for the Summer Training / Dissertation / Internship programmes is two months and amount will be chargeable accordingly. Students granted permission for the above programs shall pay a Fee ₹ 2500/- (Rupees Two Thousand Five Hundred only) per month + GST as per applicable rates (Currently the approved GST is 18%).
  5. Fee once paid will be not returned.
  6. Students seeking dissertation / project work / Internship programmes at CSIR-CSMCRI have to submit a recommendation letter from their Head of Organization/Department on their Institutional Letter Head along with the duly filled-in application form (letter format given).

For further information applicants can check