National Call for Translation of Research And Commercialization’ (NC-TRAC)

The ATRACT-Life program is an integrated Research Translation & Commercialization program at C-CAMP, created with the primary goal of fostering innovations for society by leveraging the strength of Indian academic research and C-CAMP’s translational resources.The ATRACT-Life program is a part of C-CAMP’s Discovery to Innovation Accelerator (DIA) program, and has been ‘Catalysed & Supported by the Office of Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India’.

The call is open to Academic Discoveries & Inventions, which require support for translation into technologies with the potential for significant impact in the different fields of Life sciences, including areas such as Human Health Care, Animal Health Care, Primary & Secondary Agriculture, and Environment.

Currently Ongoing ATRACT-Life Projects 

  • Novel Decontamination Technology (Health care)
  • Novel Bio-Control Agent/s for ‘One Health’ (Agriculture)

How to Apply

For any queries regarding the ATRACT-Life program, the NC-TRAC application process, and for discussing novel ideas for new potential projects, please write to us at’ or call us at 080 6718 5055 (+91 80 6718 5055).