Tuber yield and water efficiency of early potato varieties

This study aims to determine the effects of differences in variety and irrigations levels on potato yield (appropriate humidity, temperature, shading the plants from the sun if necessary) on potato yield in greenhouse conditions. Functions of potato production with respect to water use were developed for five dates of measurements of plant growth, in relation to the various vegetation phases. On the basis of potato vegetation phases, the potato water demand was determined. An experiment was conducted using the randomized sub-block method. The first order factor were the two varieties of potato that were grown under drip irrigation with three water regimes as a second factor experiment: level 1 (pF 2.7), level 2 (pF 2.5) and level 3 (pF 2.2). The variety had a significant effect on the weight of potato tubers. The irrigation level had only a significant effect on the total potato biomass. The potato harvest date had a significant effect on both of the examined treatments. The growth dynamics of the aboveground part and potato tubers were the highest in conditions of constant level 1.


Fig: Establishment of pot experiment and an irrigation system with irrigation line and pot drippers.

Regardless of the variety studied, on level 3 caused a reduction in potato biomass production.The highest water consumption was observed during the tuber potato growth period to flowering. The values were varied from 0.39 l/pot day level 1 (in both investigated cultivars) to 0.99 l/ pot/day (humidity level 3 for Julinka cultivar) in July. The most intensive increase in water consumption was observed at the level 3. The average W index of the average daily water dose calculated for Denar cultivar amounted 0.40 l day−1 in the first period (O1) to 0.79 l day−1 in the fifth period (O5) and for Julinka cultivar 0.49 l day−1 (O1) to 0.92 l day−1 (O5). Stress due to water shortage and/or excessive levels of water in the soil negatively influenced the yield of potato tuber. Potato varieties reacted differently to soil water content.

Jama-Rodzenska, A., Janik, G., Walczak, A. et al. Tuber yield and water efficiency of early potato varieties (Solanum tuberosum L.) cultivated under various irrigation levels. Sci Rep 11, 19121 (2021).

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