CSIR-FPI to get AMD computing support for COVID-19 research

CSIR-Fourth Paradigm Institute is set to receive high-performance technology contributions from the chip-maker AMD as part of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. The CSIR-FPI is among several global institutes, including Stanford School of Medicine, to get this assistance from AMD.


AMD is contributing high-end computing systems or access to Penguin-On-Demand (POD) cloud-based clusters powered by second-generation AMD EPYC and AMD Radeon Instinct processors to 21 institutions and research facilities conducting COVID-19 research. This will augment CSIR-FPI’s capacity as the leading research and development organisation in the country to provide world-class high-performance computational facilities to the research community. The centralised facility will offer secure computational access to researchers and academicians working to tackle COVID-related challenges across varied disciplines including biological sciences for vaccine discovery, chemical sciences for drug testing, and engineering to provide effective time-bound solutions.


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