Blocks in the pseudouridimycin pathway unlock hidden metabolites in the Streptomyces producer strain

New report a metabolomic analysis of Streptomyces sp. ID38640, a soil isolate that produces the bacterial RNA polymerase inhibitor pseudouridimycin. The analysis was performed on the wild type, on three newly constructed and seven previously reported mutant strains disabled in different genes required for pseudouridimycin biosynthesis. The results indicate that Streptomyces sp. ID38640 is able to produce, in addition to lydicamycins and deferroxiamines, as previously reported, also the lassopeptide ulleungdin, the non-ribosomal peptide antipain and the osmoprotectant ectoine. The corresponding biosynthetic gene clusters were readily identified in the strain genome. We also detected the known compound pyridindolol, for which we propose a previously unreported biosynthetic gene cluster, as well as three families of unknown metabolites. Remarkably, the levels of most metabolites varied strongly in the different mutant strains, an observation that enabled detection of metabolites unnoticed in the wild type.


Fig: Molecular network of samples from Streptomyces sp

Systematic investigation of the accumulated metabolites in the ten different pum mutants identified shed further light on pseudouridimycin biosynthesis. We also show that severalStreptomyces strains, able to produce pseudouridimycin, have distinct genetic relationship and metabolic profile with ID38640.


Iorio, M., Davatgarbenam, S., Serina, S. et al. Blocks in the pseudouridimycin pathway unlock hidden metabolites in theStreptomyces producer strain. Sci Rep 11, 5827 (2021).


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