Enhancing the compost maturation of swine manure and rice straw by applying bioaugmentation

Microorganisms capable of decomposing cellulose, xylan, starch and protein were individually isolated from swine manure compost and soil in this study. The correlations with pH, carbon source concentration, C/N ratio and enzyme activity among these isolated microorganisms were also investigated. Furthermore, the effect of additional inoculation in the compost was studied by measuring variations in the C/N ratio, enzyme activity and compost maturation rate. The inoculated microorganisms used in this study included four bacterial isolates and one commercial microorganism Phanerochaete chrysosporium. The results indicated that the isolated Kitasatospora phosalacinea strain C1, which is a cellulose-degraded microorganism, presented the highest enzyme activity at 31 ℃ and pH 5.5, while the C/N ratio was 0.8%. The isolated xylan-degraded microorganism Paenibacillus glycanilyticus X1 had the highest enzyme activity at 45 ℃ and pH 7.5, while the C/N ratio was 0.5%. The starch-degraded microorganism was identified as Bacillus licheniformis S3, and its highest enzyme activities were estimated to be 31 ℃ and pH 7.5 while the C/N ratio was 0.8%. The highest enzyme activity of the protein-degraded microorganism Brevinacillus agri E4 was obtained at 45 ℃ and pH 8.5, while the C/N ratio was 1.0%.



Fig: The change of CMCase activity of strain Kitasatospora phosalacinea C1 under different temperature and initial pH conditions. (a) 25 ℃, (b) 31 ℃, (c) 37 ℃, (d) 45 ℃: 

The rate of temperature increase in the compost inoculated with P. chrysosporium was only higher than that of the compost without inoculation, and its compost maturation level was also lower than that of other composts with additional inoculation. The optimal initial C/N ratio of the compost was 27.5 and the final C/N ratio was 18.9. The composting results also indicated that the secondary inoculation would benefit compost maturation, and the lowest final C/N ratio of 17.0 was obtained.


Wang, WK., Liang, CM. Enhancing the compost maturation of swine manure and rice straw by applying bioaugmentation. Sci Rep 11,6103 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-021-85615-6

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